How to Jailbreak and Unlock your Lumia Windows Phone

Current state of my Lumia 735 with interop unlock, though it doesnt deploy other apps

Update : Working list of devices
Lumia 635,Lumia 735, Lumia 640, Lumia 1520, Lumia 520, Lumia 535, Lumia 830 (thanks Andrea Mennillo)

Ok so I tried on a Lumia 525 and it Failed
A friend tried on his Lumia 1320 and it Failed
Failed on a Lumia 720

Update : I updated my once drive package link with more data.bin files of devices, im still searching for more, will keep adding :)

So finally Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 devices get Interop Unlock which can open the system to certain mods and tweaks.

The process is not very long but a little complicated if not followed word to word.

Also this tutorial needs you to perform a hard reset at the end to apply the unlock.

First of all, warnings!

No one except yourself is responsible for any damage caused to your device, either by hardware or software.
Whatever you do is at your own risk because this tutorial can be brick your device.
We recommend to backup your files either with Windows Phone backup settings or copy the remaining files to your PC.

This tutorial in no manner promotes piracy and is only for educational purpose.


Requirements : 
A Lumia Windows Phone with microSD support.

A microSD card

A micro-USB cable to connect the Lumia to PC.
A PC or Windows tablet with Windows 8.1.

You need either Visual Studio 2013 as a basic requirement to deploy an app to the Windows Phone so that the rest of the tutorial can be completed.
Visual Studio is a huge software to download and hence it will be better to download the Lite version from here.

(Note: You need to register as a developer to be able to do this, in short this needs developer unlock for the start)

Process : 

1. Follow this link to install CustomWPSystem (Make sure its version 6)to your Windows Phone Device and make sure this app is installed to the PHONE MEMORY, if by default it installs to SD Card, MOVE it to PHONE memory.

2. Next is, We need to move the Extras + Info app that is in settings, from Phone memory to SDcard(its default stored on the phone memory).

To do this,
a.Goto Date + time settings
b.Change the YEAR to something like 2115 or more
c.Now goto Extras + Info, if you tap on it now, it will give you a dialogue box, asking to Uninstall or Buy, UNINSTALL the app.
d.Now change the date back to normal or set it to automatic.3. Now open Storage Sense and make sure new apps install on SD Card

4. Download this package which is a .7z  file, which after your extract you get a folder named Data, a file named additional_entries.reg and ROMRebuilder.xap (DO NOT DEPLOY ROMRebuilder.xap)

5. Copy ROMRebuilder.xap to any directory on your Windows Phone SD card.

6. Now open CustomWPSystem that you have deployed earlier, follow the instructions to get a green sign for the SD card permissions and make sure no other app installed on SD Card is running in the background.

7. Next box should have Preview for developers selected by default, CHANGE it to EXTRAS + Info and the tap on Download from Store.

8. If you selected SD Card in storage settings, the app Extras + Info should install on the SD card.

9. Now tap on Select the XAP, here you need to select the ROMRebuilder.xap app that we copied to the phone in step 5 and then tap on Apply XAP.

10. If it all works well, you should have a success message and if you go to Settings, you will find the Extras + Info app replaced by the ROM ReBuilder app.11. Now copy the Data folder that we download from step 4 into the Root of the SD card. i.e (D:Data)

12. If you device is listed on this link download the data.bin file for your device (RM- number is important)
If your device is NOT listed, goto step 12. A. below.

13. Now copy this data.bin file to the Data folder in your SD Card. So it should look like this , D:Datadata.bin

14. Now open the ROM Rebuilder app that replaced the Extras+Info app and tap on Rebuild, If everything was done fine you should get a Success message and then you need to HARD RESET your Windows Phone which will then Interop Unlock your device!

12. A. If your device is not listed you need to make the data.bin file
For that,
12.a.1. Open the ROM Rebuild app that is in Settings

12.a.2 Tap on BACKUP, this will generate a file in your phone in the data folder, i.e D:DataBackup with the name OEMSettings.reg , make sure you take a backup of OEMSettings.reg before you replace anything inside it. Just keep one copy safe always.

12.a.3 Copy this file to your Computer. Now you need to OPEN this file (NOT EXTRACT) To do this, you need to use 7-Zip which opens the reg file.

12.a.4. Once you open this file with 7-Zip, you will find a file inside with no extension. Select the file and press F4 on your keyboard. It will open in notepad. Scroll the bottom of the text file.

12.a.5. In the pack that we downloaded from step 4, right click the additional_entries.reg and Open With> Notepad

12.a.6 Copy everything from that file and paste it right below the preview text file, i.e the OEMSettings one.

12.a.7 Now save on the desktop to data.bin and close the other text file and head back to step 13 in the main tutorial.

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