This is The New Windows Store on the Windows 10 Mobile

The newer Builds of Windows 10 Mobile, yes its the official name now, is rounding up on the web and here we got some more screenshots from the new store app from Nawzil from here.


This is the new stores Home page which looks rather very simple but should be more than enough as a universal app.
Featured content at the top while everything related follows.


So did you notice the hamburger icon? Yes it seems Windows 10 Mobile will feature the hamburger menu at different places in the system including the Windows Store, there below you can see the users name and check out other settings of the store.Decent.


So this is the store page for Apps, where the best featured app will appear at the top and the rest is according to the users needs, I believe we can swipe to the left to view more of the Apps we picked for you, this is really a good looking store as compared to the previous design.


The same for games as in for the apps.


The Music store is disabled till the release of the next build, got to wait for it, probably this week for everyone or internal beta testers.

Want to catch up with TV serials and Movies? Yup! Seems like its working and looks great, everything featured at the top and a swipe away. Pretty good!


Well youll must be wondering why is it all white? So here is the dark theme and ofcourse universal Office apps waiting for be downloaded.
Also notice the search button at the top right hand, the hamburger menu will help navigating to different categories and check other settings.

How do you people think new store this will look on the new build of Windows 10 Mobile?

Here are some screenshots of the new build of Windows 10 Mobile which should be in the preview coming this week.

First of all , look at the new option to let users choose their choice of transparency for the tiles, letting them of a full view of the image behind, but I think this is going to get a bit ugly, overall users can still use the standard Windows Phone 8.1 type of tiles with the backgroud image on the tiles.
New settings for spam filter is added while a nice Touchpad and Mouse settings seems pretty interesting.
To add to all this, a new custom set of accent colors and a the big big questing since Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 was the search in Settings, this was added in GDR2 but to limited devices and hence it made complete sense to add it to the Windows 1o Mobile. Yes you can see the official name is indeed Windows 10 mobile form the screenshot above.

Happy? Not happy? Let us know int he comments below!

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