VLC Beta Finally pops up in the Windows Phone Store

The much much awaited app has arrived for BETA TESTERS only and only for people who have registered as beta. It will not be available for public release for a while because there seem to be a whole bunch of bugs.

The fact that VLC has arrived keeps some users satisfied while Beta users should compliment this and get on work finding most bugs and reporting them back.

Well for one, there is no Audio at all, but the good part is, VideoLan managed to get some awesome UI implementations to the app, looks premium and well made, as for the technical part, its lagging a lot behind what users can expect as a normal Video and Audio player.

We got some screenshots for everyone and we wont give the download link since some of youll would just go complaining that it wont install due to permissions. We will keep you all updated with whatevers happening with VLC.

Enjoy the screenshots.

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